Schrodinger’s Choice

It’s Groundhog Day…again. Unless it’s not.

It has occurred to me that Schrodinger would have been better off using a ground hog than a cat for his famous thought experiment.

I mean let’s get real. How many cats do you know that don’t like boxes? Schrodinger’s cat had he been real would probably have stayed in the proverbial box indefinitely and would have attacked any hand that tried to open the box in order to observe the cats’ status. Besides a cat being simultaneously a solid and a liquid already exists in multiple Quantum States.

The groundhog on the other hand would have been a perfect example to use. Schrodinger could then have said that until the groundhog emerges and sees his shadow (or doesnt) that it is both spring and winter.

Then not even a thought experiment animal would have to die. And none of this mucking around with subatomic events.

Anyway. Happy Groundhog Day!

Is it too early for flapjacks?

~JustSteph 2/2/21

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