The World of the Word Wizard

Words are magic. Words are powerful. Words can make things happen. Words can Redefine Reality as we know it.

Think of the most powerful speech you have ever heard, one that stirred up the people who heard it, got them charged and excited and proud.  That person’s speech writer can claim a job well-done.

Think of a book you read that changed your entire view of reality when you read it; someone wrote that too.

Think of a television episode that has you doubled over laughing every time you watch it. Somewhere there is a script-writer who smiles when they see your reaction.

Think of a love song that moves you to tears.  You can thank the song writer for the power of the words.

These word wizards wield their pens like magic wands with which their power is channeled; casting spells of words that twine themselves through other people’s thoughts and through which they can channel feelings, emotions, actions, sensations, suggestions, ideas, complete scenes and even entire worlds with just the right placement of their words.

Welcome to Redefining Reality

Welcome to Redefining Reality, catalyst for creative writing and the official website for the writer, author and word wizard, Stephanie Garrity.  Here you will find access to the author’s blogs, information on her published items and works-in-progress as well as information on the creative writing and editing services provided by the site.

These services can make all the difference when you are looking to pass your writing or speech class, get that job, secure that promotion, increase your social media following, stir up that crowd, move an audience to tears or simply convey your feelings in a clear and precise way to avoid arguments between family and friends.

How Redefining Reality Can Help You

Clear and compelling communication doesn’t end with high-profile writers.  Skill is also needed for sermons that don’t put the congregation to sleep, news stories that put the reader at the scene without bias, magazine articles that encourage in-depth contemplation, textbooks that share ideas in a clear and precise manner, help wanted ads that get you the employees you need, resumes that sell your skills as well as emails that get your point across without being rude, social media posts and everyday texts to communicate effectively with employers, employees, family and friends. 

This power, this magic, this ability to manipulate our own and other people’s minds by reading and writing and speaking effectively makes each of us a sorcerer of sorts.  The better you can communicate the more power you have over a situation and at Redefining Reality can help you either in honing your communication skills or by providing you with the writing and editing services you need to communicate effectively.

Redefining Reality offers you everything from one-on-one creative writing coaching to group writing seminars (both business and academically oriented) as well as a variety of writing, editing and critiquing services. (For more information on individual services, please see the writing services page).

So come on in, explore the site, help yourself to the free articles in the creative writing blog and see if any of Redefining Reality’s services are right for you.