As the World Crumbles

What is there to say when the world seems to be falling apart? I sit here, unable to stop monitoring news feeds, watching as the United States keeps inching closer to war. You may argue that the conflict between Israel and Hamas is technically none of our business. But seeing as the United States has always been considered a key ally of Israel since its’ (modern) inception in 1948, it would not be a stretch to see the US intervene if push comes to shove.

Then of course there is the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the Ukrainian’s resistance, which is supported by every government that does not want to see Russia come out as the winner, and the infighting on Capitol Hill as the Republican party tears itself apart in attempt to elect a speaker that a majority of Republican legislators can agree on, and the Trump trials keep producing more drama, and finally, a country that is divided on everything from abortion to Zionism. If you add in the fact that it is football season, you can see why everything is a right mess.

So, we’re teetering on the verge of war, with a government that can’t govern due to infighting, with a country that is divided over everything, and our focus is torn between war, social issues, political conflict, and not only are we dealing with the usual aggressiveness of football fans, but their having to deal with an influx of Swifties, which seems to get most of them cranked up even to an even higher level than usual.

We’re dealing with a lot of (four letter expletive deleted) here.

It will not do me any good to talk about the wars. There are plenty of historians, military analysts and self-proclaimed “experts” on social media and news sites who will go into the pros, cons, ins, outs, atrocities and the necessity/abhorrence of it all with plenty of vim and vigor.

I am not going to talk about the political and legal upheavals. Again, there are plenty of politicians, political consultants, former government employees and keyboard warriors who will keep everyone informed as to their views, opinions, and projections for how the trials will turn out or who will become the next speaker, or what happens if no speaker is ever elected.

And what, exactly, would be the point of me discussing any of the social issues that seem to divide our country? I would just be causing more division and give myself a headache in the process.

It is not that I don’t have opinions on any of these issues, that I don’t feel certain things are (or are not) worth fighting for. I do, and there are. But in an environment so saturated with projections, opinions, outraged cries for justice, vengeance, peace, equality, and autonomy, what is one more voice?

I had one individual tell me that it could be my voice that makes the difference. And I appreciate the thought, but I disagree. Most people who go on social media to read about societal issues, political issues, thoughts about war and whether Kelce is just a good tight end or if he plays better when Taylor Swift is attending the game, already have their minds made up. They go to argue their point; to point out why everyone else is wrong and to decry the injustice of their particular side/team/issue not being given the attention it deserves.

Yes, my voice makes a difference, and I use it at the ballot box, in doing what I can for my “side” or “issue” by volunteering or providing financial support. But I’m afraid that my writing “voice” is already spoken for.

I don’t claim to have an “inside track” to God or to the Universe, I will never be the equal of some writers when it comes to providing my readers with motivational stories or thought provoking prose, but no matter how bad things get, no matter how many trials there are to keep straight, or war outcomes to follow, no matter how many speakers get nominated and then voted down or how many times the camera pans to Taylor giving a thumbs up in the ‘friends and family’ box,

I want to make magic with my words. I want to remind those who read what I write that there is more to life than wars and politics and sports. I want to touch the heart of the world and, if only for a moment, make it see past the anger, the division and hatred and violence, and show it what it could be. What is possible.

I want to rekindle the wonder and the beauty and love that has been lost in the frothing foam of fear. And if, even for a second, I make my reader smile, it will be worth every word written.

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