A Blue-Gray Wind

  There are colors on the wind tonight, and flavors in the rain. So I roll down my window as I drive, and let the colors float through, taste the flavors of the raindrops on my tongue. I found a last shred of hope under the visor, but lost it when a blue-gray wind whipped... Continue Reading →

Expectations as a Stumbling Block

“The best things in life are unexpected – because there were no expectations.”  ~ Eli Khamarov You have been planning something out – you’ve made plans and arrangements and have been getting excited about the upcoming event then something happens; something that throws a wrench into the works and the plans are canceled. How do... Continue Reading →

Fighting Spiritual Obesity

We are a society obsessed with calories regardless of whether they are nutritional, intellectual, or spiritual.  We have diet soda, calorie free snacks, lite beer, thought free entertainment and substance-free beliefs. Instead of choosing those things that hold the most nutritional value, most people pick what tastes good or has the best packaging or is... Continue Reading →

Firewalls of the Mind

There are a lot of complaints about firewalls - especially in the corporate and government spheres and in fact the term “firewall” has become a byword for restricted access to outside websites. But firewalls DO serve a purpose. A firewall is dedicated software running on a computer that inspects network traffic passing through it and... Continue Reading →

The Chrysalis Effect

There comes a point in the life of certain caterpillars, when they have eaten enough; when enough nutrients have been stored, then the caterpillar reaches begins to spin a silk pad on a leaf or twig and proceeds to hang itself upside down from this pad.  Slowly it begins to molt its outer skin, leaving... Continue Reading →

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